Monday, January 30, 2012

Master Your Metabolism

Um, Yes PLEASE! :)

Jillian Michaels published a book in 2009 called Master Your Metabolism. I recently received this book from my mom. I think she bought it as soon as it hit the shelves and I even remember flipping thru it a time or two. It just seemed a little bit overwhelming.

Well, here I am three years later, 16 years into my career of dieting and since I have not yet mastered my Metabolism, and had a few hours in the car to read this weekend, I decided to give it another go.

I have been literally begging and crying, pleading with God and have gotten desperate enough to beg a television show to help. From the first page I have felt like a fool for not trying this before.

I promised to share everything I learn and do and try during this journey so hear it is.

At the beginning of the book she hooks me with this....

Hormone Hell Strikes Again.

Let me guess do you have.....

A scale that's stuck, no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise?

A sagging energy level that seems only to be getting worse?

Skin that is starting to turn sallow or wrinkle excessively - and you are not even past forty?

Skin that is constantly breaking out-and you're decades past adolescence?

Moods that peak and trough unpredictably?

A monthly cycle that drives you (and everyone around you) absolutely nuts?

Crushing fatigue that doesn't improve, no matter how much sleep you get?

A burned-out-"crispy" feeling that you cannot shake?

Have you lost and gained the same five, ten, twenty pounds, over and over?

Or, more likely, have you lost and gained steadily more each time, losing ground, getting more and hopeless????

um..... YES!!!!!

Step one- Remove. Eliminate the Antinutrients That Trigger Your Fat Storing Hormones.

Going organic friends. What's funny about this is that my gal Margie (and life group partner friend) has also recently made an organic choice for her family recently and I didn't think she was crazy. She often thinks people will think she's nuts (sometimes she is <3 lol) I mostly think she is strong and brave, and an excellent mother!
Anyways, I just kind of thought, good for you! I have bought organic milk for a long time and usually eggs,and natural cleaning products, but the rest seems overwhelming to me. But actually it is not overwhelming it is living simpler. :)

Well, sorry for the book, and not being around much, but that's it for tonight. I did not have a great week, as far as my weight goes. I am in the hopeless part of my vicious cycle. I did have a great weekend with some friends and some very much needed down time with my husband and little dude!
I leave for BL's Fitness Ridge in seven days and I plan of having a stellar week this week!!!


  1. I am nuts, but it's ok... if/when you want to try Door to Door Organics... they bring the Organic produce TO YOUR HOUSE! let me know... I can send you an email to get your first shipment 1/2 off! I get my first one Friday!

    I loved that book!

  2. Thanks Margie, I looked into it. It seems pretty cool, I think I'll try shopping on my own first, but can't wait to hear if you are happy with what you get ;)