Monday, January 9, 2012

Week ONE

Ok, so this is the beginning of week TWO!!! I was 239.2 this morning!! YAY!!! so that's down 7 for the week and in December when I really decided to start this whole thing I was up to 250 so almost 11 pounds!

I set a goal to lose 25 pounds this month,(because of a contest they are doing on the Biggest Loser) so I have 18 to go.
My goal weight is 140 so still about 100 to go. :) To be honest I would really like to be lighter than that, since I have NEVER been skinny, or even close. I got down to 140 my senior year in High School and although I have emotionally come a long way since then, I sill remember feeling super pudgy. :( so we'll see.:) Being able to shop in "normal" stores and completely out of the plus size section is a HUGE goal!

p.s. I CANNOT wait to post a different picture of myself. This before pic is one I sent into the Biggest Loser with my application. HATE IT. :)

Peace friends <3


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