Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, I'm in Florida with the fam (-hubby, insert sad face ) so i am not following my exact diet, but I think I'm doing ok. Tonight I made Chicken Tacos for Debbie and I and I was so glad that she liked them :) I do love making food that I don't have to hate myself for eating.

Did you watch Biggest Loser season 13 last night? I went to the casting call when it was in Detroit. Oddly enough we (Abby and I) think that Cassandra, who made it on the show, was in line behind us at the casting call.

Anyways, so I obviously did not get cast for the show, but it has been fuel for my fire. I have decided this HAS GOT to be my season still. I CANNOT let another season go by where I just watch other people lose the weight.

At the beginning of the show last night they did a challenge and one team did not make it on to the Ranch but if they lose a total of 50 pounds between the two of them, in a month, then they have a shot at getting back on the show.

So I am thinking if I REALLY would do anything to get on the show, I should put forth the effort that they have to. Although to be honest right this second, on vacation, kind of, I'm not feeling my usual fiery self. I promise to be more inspiring and back on course!! I have been weighing myself, but since it's not my scale, I don't really see any point.

Also, I have been keeping pretty busy, even though it's been plenty of cleaning and running around, I'm much more active than I would be if I were hibernating in the snow at home. :)

I 'll be home for the weekend and might try a new zumba class on Sunday!!! Game on friends, Game on!!!

Hey one last thought! If I seem obsessed, I may be, a little.... but on Biggest Loser they have a make over show about 10 weeks in, I was thinking that I should set a goal for 1o weeks for a treat for myself, like a new shirt or maybe paying someone to cut my hair for a change. :) sound good? You should make sure you give yourself some treats (not food) along the way too. Be empowered by EVERY good choice you make!! You are worth it! and you know what?!? I am too!

Peace friends! <3



  1. you are worth it!!! and so am I!!! I think that we should go get pedi's at Daybreak Salon & Spa! Maybe at week 10 with them! It will be a great way to celebrate!

  2. Amen sister! I am feeling empowered by every good choice! :). 3 days of eating well, and lots of water again. :) xoxo

  3. Hey those are some good goals! I may join you. Where are you taking a Zumba class? I have always wanted to try one.

    It sounds like you are well on your way!!