Sunday, February 5, 2012


Good morning!! Well I got up at 4am, out the door by 5. My sweet hubby and baby boy took me to the airport.
I LOVE that even though my little dude was passed out cold just before we got to the airport, he still woke up and gave me a squeeze and said,"I love you!!! Have FUN!!!." :) awe.....

Have I mentioned that I have the the best hubby on the planet!!! I'm so thankful for him!! He REALLY does want what's best for me an supports EVERY thing I've ever wanted to do! <3

I'll try and quit gushing now, but really I'm just feeling so thankful, supported, encouraged and loved <3

My parents will be helping with my son and I am eternally grateful!!!!

I know it's just one week away, but you fellow mommies know most days, a 15 minute shower is sometimes the most peace and quiet we can hope for in a day. I'm praying for rejuvenation and a jump start in my journey!!!
Of course for the moment I struggle with being so stinkin excited, I can't stand it!!!! And wishing Ej could have come with me and wishing I could be home with my kiddo.

Bout to get on the plane!!!! Love love love!


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