Friday, February 17, 2012

A few more tips

Ok so here are a few more things I picked up at Fitness Ridge.

It is important to eat BALANCED meals.
Whole grains, protein, fruit and veggies.
We can get into suggested servings sometime. What has been the MOST beneficial part of this balanced suggestion, is that I have spent the past 16 years cutting out SOMETHING. Sometimes it's white breads and pastas, sometimes it's even fruit or fat or all carbs, or red meat. BALANCED is what they suggest.

If you eat a whole grain and protein and a fruit at breakfast you will feel full and satisfied longer. You can skip the whole grains, but the fiber is great for you and keeps you full and will help you to not CRAVE more sugar later on.

They also suggest you NEVER eat a CARB WITHOUT PROTEIN. You will get a spike in your insulin levels and you don't want that!

Also they say always make a plan that INCLUDES your favorite foods. Feeling deprived won't help anyone!

Our bodies only recognize nutrition, NOT STUFF (processed junk).

We will feel fuller and healthier and more satisfied on whole foods.

If you KNOW you are a late snacker, SAVE calories for that snack! Don't pretend you aren't going to do something you ALWAYS do.

If you are an emotional eater, pick a specific food to "allow" yourself to eat if you are feeling crazy. Jen talked about having a specific food for that, like popcorn or someone else hid 45 calorie fudge pops in her freezer. Worst case scenario you eat the ENTIRE box and you have done less than 500 calories worth of damage. 500 calories can be undone.
"there is no GOOD OR BAD, there is only what you've done."

Journal EVERYTHING so you can keep track of what you are actually consuming so you know how to adjust.

If you are "afraid" to eat carbs. Some of us sometimes are, I have heard lots of people suggest (Bob Harper included) don't eat carbs at dinner, keep it lean and green. But if not having carbs at dinner makes you crave dessert before bed, eat a whole grain at dinner ;)

I hope some of you found this helpful ;)

LSL <3

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