Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Insainty day 3 pushing thru

Ok, I don't plan on blogging about EVERY workout. I just had to share quickly a thought about today's workout. Today I did Cardio Power and Resistance.

I CANNOT YET DO A WALKING PUSHUP. I just can't! I tried and fell to the ground. However, I CAN do a pushup on my knees (girl style ish). I just wanted to encourage anyone who is as out of shape as I apparently am. I did not quit when I couldn't do something everyone else was doing, I just changed it up and as I get stronger I will do a regular pushup and then the walking kind.

Also, I had to change up the Power Squats. I can only do about 5 of those, so I stepped to the side and did a squat then to the other side and did a squat. I cannot wait till I can do them the way I'm supposed to but I'm not quitting and I hope you don't give up on whatever challenges you either.

Shout out to Biggest Losers Fitness Ridge and their staff for helping me beieve in myself and pushing forward. They helped teach me some moves like I stated above, whenever I couldn't do something exactly like the trainer. Progress not perfection is my mission. I am stronger than I think and I will reach my goals. You can too!

Happy Independence Day!!!

LSL <3

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