Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trust GOD

I've been helping my mom at VBS this week at Bethesda Baptist Church. I have to admit, well I don't have to, but anyway, I wasn't really into it. Kind of been in a blah mood. I haven't been exercising, we're off our school year schedule and I had surgery last week. I have been eating bad.... equals.... BLAH and TIRED!!!

On top of all of that, my parents are trying to sell their house, there have been dog issues and my husbands Grandmother is not doing well health wise. Since I don't have much going on in my own life I stress over all of the worries and stresses in my loves lifes. Including my FB friends. There is A LOT going on out there friends. I know you know this.

BUT TODAY.......ok, well yesterday, I asked my FB frieds to pray and I know that they did. Because today, about half way thru I got a call from my brother, saying he and my sister in law could help out with one of my parents dogs. It was just the glimmer of hope that I needed I guess.

After that, I had a few incounters with some folks and I can't stop thinking about it, so I thougt I should just share.

I keep thinking about all of the souls working at VBS. It's AWESOME! Ok, and a little sad, well heartbreaking really, but AWESOME!

There are soooo many people there serving who have sooooo much of there own "troubles" happening, some things even DURING VBS. Heartache, stress, physical injuries or concerns,with themselves or close family members. Honestly, MOST of the people I could look around the building at, I know, or have heard of a current struggle. You know what is awesome though, is that they are there.They could have opted out of helping to focus on themselves, or to wallow, or to heal, or to avoid, but they didn't they CHOSE TO TRUST GOD.

For a few hours or for a week, they put aside their own struggle, and focus on the mission. Sharing Christ with our children. WHAT AN AMAZING BLESSING. Really I feel like I was given such a gift today witnessing the love of Christ. OVER and OVER today I heard, and these people serving heard,"TRUST GOD". I feel like they were there because they do trust GOD and are just trying to teach the children to trust God, but even though they didn't volunteer to recieve blessings from GOD or encouragement, I hope they are getting it, because it is there. GOD is there, and he wants them to trust HIM. When we do trust him he does AMAZING things and gives AMAZING peace.

My mom was teasing about that some today, because it was certainly something she needed to hear this week and I just love how it really is something I think everyone there needed to hear.TRUST GOD!

Also, there was a girl there, who I know of from our church, Harvest Bible Church. I don't know her name so I haven't said hi yet, but what a blessed suprise she was. It just made me so thankful for the CHURCH, the big c not the little c. She was washing dishes in the kitchen of the church that I grew up in, Bethesda, telling a lady about Hope 4 Western Wayne County, and I could have cried just because I love seeing God use his church. It's not about my church or your church. We are THE church, we are His people and I bet it made HIM smile today too. <3


LSL <3

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