Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This morning before I ran I decided I would go for a fast mile vs. a long run. For a while I have been really feeling like I could get in a faster mile but this morning I realized I had been once again setting myself up for failure!!!!

I wanted an under 10 minute mile. A comfortable pace for me is about 5.5mph on an average morning, but even that is still kind of new. I haven't been running tons lately. I figure running with the bulls or a marathon are not in my near future so..... Less running.

Anyways, I typically start out at 5mph and I love to do 30 second to one minute sprints up to 8.5.

Usually when I decide I'm going to try And get in a good mile I've started at a 5 or 5.something and end up killing myself at an 8 and still not making an under 10 minute mile. How dumb is that!!!! So I work really hard and still FAIL!!!

This morning I put on my winner cap and knew I wanted a 10 or under 10 minute mile. I started at 5.5 and pushed myself to increase and ended up near 6.7. I didn't vomit, and I WON!! 1 mile in 9:58 :)

Not setting myself up for failure takes a little more thought than I'd like but it is SOOOO worth it!!!

<3 LSL

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