Thursday, May 17, 2012


Ok, so I know it has been A LONG TIME since my last post. Before we get all caught up on the not so much that is going on, I wanted to post about last night.

I had a terrible dream. Somthing about creeping around downtown Detroit. I was alone as far as I can remember but I for sure remember talking to Danielle. I couldn't tell you what about. I just remeber being scared to death and looking at my feet we were climbing down something and I couldn't find out where to take my next step. All over covering the ground were rats, tons of baby rats, rat pooh and bugs!!! I was just so scared.

I have a history of very vivid dreams. I used to have bad dreams as a child and my Nana made me a dream box of pictures to look at if I woke up and was to scared to sleep. I often remember the dreams very vividly, to me they often feel VERY REAL. I have kept a dream journal before just because they were hilarious or scarey and I guess instead of just reliving it in my head I just felt like writing them down. ANYWAY.......

Last night I was awakened from my dream by a yelling child! Jack woke up yelling for me and literally running to my room. I put him back into bed,and as he drifted off to sleep he asked me,"mom, where were we that time when a bear was chasing your car!?" Then he fell back to sleep with a few songs. Well I was already scared and then felt horrible that he was scared too. Poor guy.

I tried to go back to sleep but I kept thinking about my dream and then I kept hearing a dog barking outside. Which, there should be no dogs to hear from my house, so I was totally creeped out.

I started praying and thanking God for the moon light that brightens up the scarey night sky and for my warm hubby to snugle up against. I was remembering having to sleep alone as a child sometimes when I was scared. Don't get me wrong, I climbed into my parents bed sometimes too or slept on their couch during thunderstorms, probably until high school.

Anyways, as I prayed I thought about all of the lonely scared children out there in the world, who may be cold or scared of the dark. I prayed that they would find Jesus, the only one who can give them real peace and comfort and light.

Somehow that took me back to Detroit and my dream and Danielle.

We were a part of a church plant a few years ago, and Danielle and her husband were in it to. Along the way we were joined by some other folks who came to the Detroit area because God had given them a heart for the people there. We left the church plant and it kind of dissolved I guess, but I know for sure one family moved into Detroit and there are some other families working/worshipping together there to win hearts for Christ. The last I heard Danielle and her husband were moving to the city also, maybe they already have, I'm not sure.

For whatever reason, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to pray for Danielle and the church there in Detroit. I cannot pretend to know at all what they are facing or experiencing there, but I felt like being affraid and not knowing where or how to take the next step had something to do with Danielle. I am going to send this link to her because I believe God brought her to my heart to continue to pray for her and her family and all of their next steps. I will pray that fear will not get in her way and that God will lead them in the path that He has for them. I will be praying for the children and families there that God will work in their hearts as well. I probably sound like a total weirdo, and I can't explain how it all made so much sense to me last night,all I know is what was going thru my mind at the time.

It was awesome to me, how I went from such a scared moment to a broken heart for a situation and people doing God's work. We serve a truly awesome and soverign God. Please keep these families in your prayers. Hillary and Ryan and Danielle and Aaron.



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