Monday, July 1, 2013

Big C

I was on my way to hang out with my dear friends who live in Novi this morning so I had some time in the car. One of my favorite Third Day CD's was in so I kept it on. I don't remember which song was on first, but it made me think of our time at Metro South Church. I don't mean to put down any other church band. I would not attend a church just because of it's band, BUT if I did, I'd choose Metro. E.J. and I were just saying we would really like to find a day to get to Metro soon, because we just love to worship there. I love how I can look around the room and know the hearts of the souls singing around the room. God is doing some amazing things there. Pastor Jeremy Schossau and the Dorbands and the others on staff really have a heart to reach the community and young people! Their enthusiasism is INSANE and inspiring!!!

As I was thinking about the Big C, God's church, I was remineded of all the beautiful things that are going on in all of the little C's we have had the pleasure of being a part of.

Bethedsa Baptist Church, in Allen Park will always feel like home because we got married there and it is the church I was mostly raised in. The people I grew up with there will always feel like family.

I am so excited about St. John's Lutheran Church in Waltz. It is the sweetest little church. It feels so naturally simplified. It's not modern, they don't have a big loud band. It has stained glass windows and is so soaked with tradition it brings me to tears almost every time I enter. It just ooses love and respect for Christ. Also, the way they pour into the lives of the children at the school is just amazing.

Last summer we had the priviledge of going to El Salvador, with Living Water International. This morning I was thinking about the team at Agua Viva. Every morning they have devotions and  sing praises to heaven in English and Spanish. It is the most beautiful sound when you can hear both at the same time! Then they go and work their pattoties off in the name of Jesus and proclaim his name EVERY DAY!

Even thinking of our dear'Journey, friends. That chruch plant wasn't around all to long but the people involved will always have a place in our hearts and I know it had it's purpose in our lives for the Kingdom. Some of the people that were there have followed their call into the city of Detroit. I know God is doing some amazing things through them as well.

Currently we are attending Harvest Bible Chapel, in Westland. We are privilidged to hear the word of God faithfully and unashamedly preached, by an EXCELLENT communicator and man of God, Pastor Dan McGhee. It has been awesome to see our small group be challenged and serving each other and in the church and community. There is a couple in our group who is from Pennsylvania and it is so cool that it really seems like God has brought them here for the primary purpose to use them in a huge outreach called Hope For Western Wayne County. This year, faithfully they are heading it up again and could use your help if you are available. :) Another couple in our small group,and their son, are headed to Africa this summer on their very first mission trip!! so exciting!!!

I just wanted to share what a blessing and a privilege it is to be apart of such an awesome BIG C, and all the little C's too.

Love love love.... LSL <3 peace

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  1. Great reminder of Big C and Little C's
    <3 Love you.