Friday, March 9, 2012


It's been a while since my last blog and I cannot believe what has happened since!!!

On facebook I follow several of the Biggest Loser alumni, I guess you'd call them. Two of my favorites are Jennifer Rush Jacobs and her dad Jay Jacobs!!! They look AMAZING, have great personalities, they post often and reply to questions and acknowledge their fans <3 They are inspiring and encouraging!
Anyways, so one day I was inspired to enter a contest they are having. The winner gets to run with them and their, son\brother Matt Jacobs, in the Go St.Louis marathon relay team.
I almost didn't do it because we have a lot going on travel/expense wise right now AND you had to submit a picture!!!!! As a rule I hate pretty much every picture of myself, so entering one in a contest .... would be a long shot.

Anyways, I decided I'd send in my Stop Sign picture. And the day before they were supposed to announce the 12 finalists I remembered to tell my husband about it. :) lol
I remembered because my family was joking about how I always comment on peoples FB pages who are famous and such and they wouldn't typically do that. But I told them that often times they will comment back and engage :)

I kind of mentioned the contest, and told him that it would be in St.Louis and I know I probably shouldn't even really try and go, I mean I was just gone for a week last month so.... Anyways, I was SHOCKED when I got the email a few days later saying that I was a finalist!!!!! I don't know how many people even sent in pictures, maybe only 12? How I got so lucky i don't know but I WAS like... Oh my word... What have I gotten into?!?!!!! ;) and.... is this really happening!?!!!!
I sent hubby an email at work and as always he was completely supportive and so happy for me, and said we'd make it to St. Louis if I win, no problem. I'm a dreamer and he's the guy who makes it happen! <3 love that man!!!!

So.... 5 days later, my friends and family and I have posted my horrible Stop Sign picture all over FB and it says I have over 800 votes!!!!

For the record, I still don't believe it. I REALLY want to win. I can't imagin getting to meet and run with the Jacobs family!!!! I want it to be real, but I'm a low expectation kind of gal and in the end I feel like some of the votes won't really be there or something. It just doesn't make sense to me.

But I write all of that to say... I was looking back at some of the comments on my picture tonight and I started to cry. Hear I go again! I know it is just a click of a button to vote, or just a few words. But that click of a button and those few words of love and encouragement .... from family, friends, church family old and new, former classmates,and even Jack's preschool teacher voted for me today!! <3
I just want you all to know that even if I lose this contest and don't get to meet the Jacobs or Amanda Tyson (she rocks too!) I have already won!!!

<3 Each vote has inspired me to keep believing in myself, keep pushing forward and to never give up!!!

Dreams don't ALWAYS come true...but sometimes.... THEY DO!!!

Much LOVE!!!

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  1. Oh Linds! you are so loved!!!

    I'm getting all teary eyed! loveyou!