Friday, December 30, 2011

The Truth

So starting with the truth.....

The truth is that I have been dieting for the "better" or worse part of 16 years. I have gained and lost probably hundreds of pounds.
My highest weight ever was 255, I got there or almost there 3 times, about 5 years in to my happy marriage, we loved to go out to eat, drink beer while bowling late sometimes on the weekends and we also loved going to the movies and OVER indulging on buttered popcorn!!! :) yummmmm

Then I lost 50lbs or so, and gained that back again, then lost it again to get pregnant. Then got right back to 250 before delivery, lost that....
And the cycle continued I got down to 183 durnig a contest at Metro South Church one year, and then took up running and kept most of that weight off for almost 2 years.
Then I don't know what happened really, life just got away from me and I gained all but 5lbs of that back.

I was doing GREAT the first part of this December untill I gave into my addicition and lived on mostly cookies and cheeseballs. :/
So with those two weeks behind me... I'm READY to move forward!!! yay!! With the support of my husband, and you all.

I also have to tell you, truthfully, I'm not pretending to have it all figured out, I know occasionally I will fail, I will dissappoint myself, you and my creator. But by the grace of God I'll get there! I CANNOT WAIT TO NOT CARRY THIS BURDEN ANY LONGER!!!

I'll get going on a plan of action and please feel free to post what you are doing to get in shape physically, mentally or spiritually. I could certainly use the encouragement and I know so many others could too.

Thank you in advance for joining or following me in this journey.

Love is all you need!!! <3 And I've got plenty!!



  1. I'm excited to take this journey with you linds, I'm getting myself mentally ready for this symbolic time of the "new year". I've been spending time with God, asking Him for strength, health, and a plan. I have a lot to work on. More time with Him, treating my body in the way God expects from me and wants for me and my family. And just leaving this cancer and pain behind me! :) love you!!

  2. Love you! I'll be praying for you this new year!!! <3

  3. you said that you will disappoint me (I'm guessing since I am the reader that means me).

    I want to tell you something Linds, I will never be disappointed in you. EVER. I, too, struggle with eating, JUST yesterday, I finished off the bag of tortilla chips at 9:30 at night! I mean (this time) not the whole bag. I thought my bedtime was 9:30 - I thought maybe it should be 9:29!

    whatever happens up or down (scale, mood, whatever), I loveyou. I am proud of you! I will be posting on my 'food' blog - called because you are inspiring me!

    I blabbed a lot here, but we will love and support each other!!


  4. Thanks for the love and encouragement girl!!! Love you!!! I'll be checking on your blog <3 we've got this!!! ;)