Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Detroit!!! IT"s the LAKE!!!!

Have you seen the movie Evan Almighty? Excuse me if you haven't, its a favorite at our house. I was in the car just now and had a light bulb moment and almost yelled out loud!!! ITS THE LAKE!!!!! It's the LAKE!!!

Translation, what if it's a school? What if Margie's vision, call from God is not just a community center? What if it's a Christian school in Detroit?

Is there a Christian school in Detroit? Is there one called Heritage Christian School? I don't know for sure about Heritage, that came later. I was just thinking it was kind of obvious what would be great to pass along would be our Christian Heritage.

Anyways, as Empty Buckets, we are reading the book BAREFOOT CHURCH, by Brandon Hatmaker. It is an AWESOME book that our fellow EB suggested. Some of us are currently having a hard time following the American dream, and really struggling with the American church. The consumerism and self service, and inward focus, to name just a few things.

We realize that we have our own city near by, not over seas that really needs to be redeemed. The city of Detroit needs Christ like San Salvador needs clean water. We are thirty minutes outside of the city and once inside, it feels like a third world country.

Last Friday the Empty Buckets went to visit a family that some of us had lost touch with over the past couple years, the Young's. They are a beautiful family that joined a church plant that some of us EB's were a part of. Even back then they had a call to plant a church in Detroit. They are in Detroit now faithfully following their call.

When we visited the other day, I know what hit most of us the hardest was that it is hard to serve the people in the city when you don't live there. Reaching in from afar is not as relational as any of us feel called to. Community is what most of us thrive on and are searching for what Christ has for us next.

I'm not saying that my family is ready to move into Detroit right this second. But what I am saying is that we are praying for direction and a clear calling on what to do next.

Back to the school idea that made me bust out the computer and start typing. E.J. (my husband) just called me about 2nd Mile Missions. It is a Mission that my sister in law's family started or helped start. They built a school in the Dominican Republic, I think it is actually several schools now, and I believe they are currently building a trade school. It's awesome!!!! You can even sponsor the children there just like you can with World Vision. They take mission trips there several times a year.

The more I thought about the school the more it seems like it could totally work. Margie could be the principle :) and lunch lady. Cesar could be the school counselor/ translator once he finishes school. Christy could teach music or something/translator. I could do landscaping/janitor/lunch lady/ something. Maybe Emily and Nathan Pergle could end up teaching there one day. Maybe SJ could teach? and Angela? Rachel could teach piano. Tricia, yes all the way from FL, just like Nathan and Emily....maybe GOD will call you, just saying. There are plenty of Christians around here, plenty of teachers, plenty of kids, and plenty for all of us EB's to do.

I don't know, I'm just dreaming right now but also, Detroit is a mission field just like any other city people are sent to. It would take some backing and support, but if a family can start a school in Bavaro, DR from Indiana. We could certainly start a school in Detroit, especially from Detroit.

Please just join us friends in prayer for Detroit, and for a clear call and possibly open doors. I don't know if it's a church, a school or just volunteering or a career with Habitat for Humanity or Blight Busters in Detroit, or partnering with the Youngs. Honestly, maybe it's not Detroit for all of us. Maybe it's some where else? But it is something. God is making a move of some sort, things are going to change, I can FEEL it!

I personally do not believe in coinsidence, I believe God in his perfect plan has brought us all together for a purpose, everone we know and love and support, who are trying to be faithful Christ followers. I appologize for calling some of you out and for those of you who we know who might get into this wonderful mess with all of us. Christ is King, he is in control and I will be praying that he uses you, yes YOU!

Also, please pray for the Young family living in Detroit. They are rockin the socks off Detroit city, honestly. What an encouragement they are. God Bless!

Peace <3

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